About Us

Milestone Chiropractic’s mission:

To preserve the value of our community’s well-being and fundamental knowledge that we are our own contributor to our health. We take pride in offering the space for you to express your true ability to function in your highest potential by overcoming your obstacles.

Who am I and what do I do?

My name is Dr. Shayla Lobdell. I was born in Polson Montana and grew up in Gunnison Colorado. I’ve always loved Colorado and completely missed the mountains while I was away at school. I graduated in 2018 from Life University in Marietta, GA with my doctorate in chiropractic. Why the heck did I go clear across the country to go to chiropractic school? Life U was unique in that they thrive on the philosophy of vitalism.

  • vi·tal·ism: the theory that the origin and phenomena of life are dependent on a force or principle distinct from purely chemical or physical forces.

WHAT?? To put it simply; the body has its own intelligence that we can’t measure or see, what some call ‘innate’. Chiropractic philosophy says, “what ever is created by the body can be healed by the body”. I believe this profoundly! I believe that the body is smart enough to function properly on its own if there is no interference. The number one reason why I became a ‘care’ giver.

Where did this all begin? I started out as a CNA, then worked my way up to EMT, eventually wanting to go to school to be a cardiac surgeon. After working in the medical field for 9 years I decided that was not how I wanted to help people. There was a big turning point, a gnawing question during one medical procedure which made me decided to take a more ‘alternative’ approach to health. That question that consumed me was: “how can I help people before they get to the point of almost dying?” I immediately enrolled in school to become a Massage Therapist. After 5 years, though, it still wasn’t enough, and I NEEDED more. I stumbled upon some lecture videos from an old school chiropractor Donny Epstein; there it was, my answer to preventative healthcare.

Going to school to be a chiropractor had a similar curriculum of a medical doctor; the first year was study of all the ‘ology’s’ endocrinology, biology, anatomy and physiology, embryology, microbiology, biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, radiology… you get the point. Once I survived all of that I got into some really great techniques which include; full spine diversified, Thompson drop technique, SOT, toggle recoil, activator, Cox flexion-distraction, pediatric adjusting, while dabbling in the emotional aspect of NET (neuro-emotional technique).

It wasn’t until I started seeing patients that I realized there is so much more to health than just the physical aspect. I have now centered my practice around the whole person: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. My main goal is to assist in reconnecting each person back to who and what they are as a being so they can live life in balance and optimal health.